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one day during the pandemic lock down with nowhere to go and nowhere that had electricity Mylie and Ashley, my two friends, both Transgender,  came to where i was bunkering down to chill and do their hair.


It was like this that I saw a story told in simple truths created out of beautiful moments that somehow reflect the struggles and the hope, the love found, the love lost, and the ultimate heart break I just knew was coming, just not when it did. 

Now is a good time to step up and stand up for what you really are, what you believe is right. For me its to tell stories that shed a light on the darkness that has come for us, shed a light so that we might make better decisions about how we treat one another.  Shed a light on the fact our darkness is killing us one and all. 

I am not someone who knows pretty much anything about what it means to be Transgender. I don´t know how to relate to surgically altering my body to not be what I was born as. But those arent my things to need to understand.  I understand how I feel but like you, not always why.  So thats my story to tell.  

I am a guy who lived a total hetro love of beautiful women existence. I got paid for it even, to share with the world how I saw women, to share why women are beautiful to me, how they are..


From the strange truths to the beautiful lies I shot things from LÓreal to Guess jeans, I was even paid to film Vildani Zildani, made famous in Beats by Dre ads.  I was paid to hang out in Jimmy Iovines Penthouse top floor suite at the Belaire Hilton hotel.  All day long just Vildani and a camera while mr. Iovine was doing American Idol .

I was there when Christina Aguilera had abs put on her one frame at a time in that boxing video.  I was there when we made Paris Hilton have a booty she was proud of. 


From Iceland to Texas, from NY to Miami, to LA, I hung out with my most brilliant famous friends and beautiful famous girls and their friends, and so on.


So I was a bit busy messing with every young girls head in the world who ever tried to measure up to the images we created.


The fact of the matter is I never had any issues with Transgender people, but I also didnt really think much about them either. At all. It was just way too out there a reality for me to even want to care actually. And I never had a friend who was one ever. Not that I didnt want a Transgender friend, I just never put any energy into knowing or not knowing one. Until now.

Cut to Mylie and Ashley. Mylie a movie star sexy, tatood up deported dreamer from Arizona, part of Trumps clean up and Ashley from Guerrero, Acapulco, a story rich with brutal truths.   Thats them in that little clip I put up at the top. 

Mylie especially has become more than a friend, Mylie is someone who has become very important to me, kinda like a niece you could say, or nephew, or something, someone I have let stay at my place with Ashley, her best friend, who is one of the most beautiful looking women I've ever met, for a guy, or both. I plenty of times let them hang out when the police were trolling the streets or to use my mirror and plug in for their curling irons, to get dolled up for a date they had, when they had nowhere to go.

I got Mylie and Johnny the downstairs apartment from me for awhile, during the covid quarantine, and a couple times there was Mylie and Johnny in one bed, me in my bed, in one room because I ran out of money to keep renting their room. 

We have so much time together over the last year and more even with Ashley because Ive known Ashley longer, and in all kinds of settings and situations, so far out and away from the center of any existence, you'd think i was just making it up because no story can be this messed up.

I´d defend them both in a second if they were cornered and in a spot. We´ve shared laughter and hardships too, but mostly we laugh alot, even Ashley who can harldy understand me and my struggling spanish laughs at my jokes.

We give each other a hard time. Like the time Ashley told me he/she was pregnant and the baby was mine. And I jumped around like I couldnt have been happier I was gonna be a new dad finally.


It became so funny to us that we kept it up for a month, me always the stressed out dad-to-be making her sit down, not carry anything too heavy, stuff like that, til she broke the news that she was lying the whole time And then I even acted devastated for days and days.

Stuff ilke that. So Ive come now to totally not understand what it means to be Transgender, but ive come to understand my two friends who are, and I see their suffering, and their strengths too. I see a real strong will and ability to cope in real time with really gnarly stuff at the cruel hands of others, and I see a will to not just survive, but also have the right hair extensions while they are surviving.

Ive seen them get harassed and arrested and beat up some by the police, the tears after bad fights with abusive boy friends, robbed by other girls, have their money stolen, clothes stolen, fall in love, be obsessed with that person, and Ive seen them breakdown too. Like a girl does from time to time.

And together with Johnny we have came up with a super cool story that would be pretty awesome movie to make, will be, to make into a movie, that Ashley and Mylie would act in. And help write. And also to create a documentary that is not from just my point of view but their´s mostly.

In many ways Im just gonna coach them along to harvest the content that we can edit into all the great stuff we can, so that when we are done, because im not the only person out there who hasnt a clue what a Transgender life is, but the more I learn about my two very special messed up disasters lots of times, totally lost pretty much, but still, my special friends, the more I realize how much maybe creating this with them will help bridge alot of spaces between all of us, and teach us all something about the value of understanding, compassion over ignorance and apathy, the more I seem to learn about my own disastrous journey. Because we are all precious disasters looking for our way home.

I cant take listening to any kind of racial or misogynist so called humour anymore, I call it out everytime. Ýou think that´s funny you racist sexist son of a bitch´. stuff like that.

And i worry a ton about my two very special friends because there´s predators out there who get off on what they can get away with, because if Ashley or Mylie were murdered Im pretty sure there wouldnt be a ton spent on investigating, because they´re just another couple of weird Trans gay guys, and who´s gonna miss them.

So we are ready to start creating and we need money to do it, and with the money we can raise we can also get Mylie and Ashley in a safe living environment. We have a real strong strategy to crowd fund this and have set up alliances with facebook communities with 45,000 to many millions of members, who we hope, and we believe will buy a hat from us to help tell Mylie and Ashley's story in a way more main stream cinema mentality than a Transgender focused film has yet to.

What is very fortunate and a miracle maybe, but this last few months I have watched while the facebook community LGBTQ membership grows by a few thousand everyday, and as our project gets more Google and Facebook key word savvy, the algorithms that basically collect everything we are when we are online have seemed to line up the perfect storm of social media opportunity for a project like ours ever to take advangage of.

its all here on our special project website to view.  I dare you  Check it out.

Thats about it, Im in too deep to retreat, and to far along to want to even.  I want to see whats going to happen when 20million plus Facebook LGBTQ community people meet Mylie and Ashley

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