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So what does all this have to do with us and trying to navigate zero interest in anyone wanting to help us take on the raping of children for money?

The short answer, it has nothing to do with us directly but indirectly it might be the way we finally get our content, the stories, the solutions even, out to the world to shed more light on a 32 billion dollar pay for rape industry.

In the last 10 days America has elected three Transgenders to political office and now Mexican Playboy has put a Transgender person on their cover. No matter who won or wins or whatever this election was, the struggles of kids who are sex trafficked, the realities of TRANSGENDER people who are persecuted, murdered, and the terrible things that are still taking place every night on our border, all of it is still going on and even with three Transgender people now in office, Even if Biden gives visas to the 20 million undocumented people who are in America now, having already crossed our border, even if Trump´s wall was to continue onward, the struggles of children especially, who are the center point of all the issues described, won´t end over night.

When we started our TRANS project there was a pandemic lock down, then the burning of our cities in the most unprecedented social unrest in our history, and fear and panic and shock perpetuating more dread and more fear, and then our election which has divided us even more, and in the shadow of all that no one really cared to hear about a deported kid from Arizona, a Transgender kid named Melissa, and her gnarly story from AZ to the streets of Cabo.

Now finally we may be in the perfect place at the right time, because we are looking at the kind of numbers and social media phenomenon that could very well give our special friend Melissa, some light on how she was unfairly deported from her home in Arizona at age 19 after wrongly being held in prison for three months, and sent to Mexico a place she hadn't been since she was two years old.

And thats where her story gets really interesting and intense, and even relevant, more poignant, connecting to almost everything we are facing now as a world community.

Racism, to Sex Trafficking, to sexual bigotry, mysogeny, the organ trade, to our disasterous immigration issues on our border, our relationship with Mexico, and even the total assault on our way of life by forces seen and unseen, somewhere somehow it´s connected to Mylie´s story.

So if there was ever anything that was so ready for us to take on with total conviction this would be it. The momentum and the credibility of this project, as we begin to deliver the content we produce, could generate the kind of potential revenue that would then help us also produce and distribute our other projects, especially the ones that take on the very dangerous reality of a 32 billion dollar sex trafficking of children industry.


Our first level project is the creation of a modest Kickstarter campaign that we believe could raise up to 10,000 dollars, to do a ten minute introduction to Mylie and the dream she has to create and act in the movie TRANS, a unique film that will be produced and created on a social media stage as well.

What is perhaps really cool is that this is the first time ever a film will be done with an open door to come share in the journey, the ups, the downs, and the actual physical process of what it takes to make a movie, so that everyone who contributes, as a part of our family, will get to see live every day where their support is being best served to this project.

So first we need to raise a small bit of start up money. 1500 dollars. To do this we ask that you buy a cool Covid mask or hat or shirt from Mylie. We only need to sell 20 hats and a few masks, and 10 shirts and history can start its date with us. That´s all really, 20 hats, and that gets you helping us to help her story help maybe light a way to who we really are or want to be. Love conquers all.

We also have a print store that says custom artist touched photographic prints, each one made original by a unique story hand written around the border of the print.

So today we have Paypal up and running. In a few days the online store can take credit cards. But today because today is a great day to go after something so profoundly relevant it would be awesome if you might help out the situation.

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