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Jeth Weinrich


Played Football up in Canada.   Studied at Parsons.  Worked for Oliver Stone, Micheal Cimino, Steven Spielberg, and A. Kitman Ho.   Went on to create a film called MOON OF THE DESPERADOS, about his best friend, legendery bullrider Jordie Thomson that won awards and became a cult film in the world of pro bullriding.   That film landed him his first commercial, a super bowl commecial for Duponte.  

Five years later he owned the most days billed commercial production company in Canada, was considered one of the best music video directors in the world (Van Halen, Candlebox, and seven Juno nominations, twice Canadas MTV award for best director) And  adweek named him to their list of the top ten directors in America to watch for.  

He has two feature documentaries still to be released, UNDER THE WHISPERING SKY, and THE INVENTION OF BEAUTY that Rene Russo and Shawnee Smith are both executive producers and creaive directors on.  Rene is narrating. 

Cinema Cartel is his five year journey to start a totally human rights driven film company.   The Lydia Project promises to be one heck of a coming out party. 

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